Michael MacDonald, “You Let Me Go”
Tiffany, “Was it Good for You”
Mind Movie, “Happiness and Tears”, “Spaceflight to Pandora” and “Bushman”
Michael McKnight “Let Freedom Ring” and ” Chosen One”
Michael Bates debut Rock Opera / album, IVK records
Dogg Mansion
Damage Control
Ruth McCartney
Jerry Bell, “April Love” (Pausa Records)
Corbett Wall, Corbett Wall Album (EMI)
Barry Coffing, assorted (Egress / Warner)
Billy Davis, Jr., “Time for a Change Now” (Indie)
John Pena, “Signs of Tribulation”
Roz Streisand, “For the Last Time”
John Hart, “John Hart” (Motown)
Halfway to Dharma (Indie)
Cecil Shaw, “New You” (Motown)
Morgan Yagi, “Morgan Yagi” (Indie)
Terry Glenny (Indie)
Herschel Kennedy (Warner)
Bob Luna, ‘Warrior Suite’ (indie)
The Blue Delilahs (indie)
Billy Kidd (Warner)
Color of Sky (Indie)
Jean-Michel Byron “Soul Sister” (Indie)
Kozz Kozinski, “Doggie Music”
Outdoor Sports Music (Indie)
Lisa Torres (Indie)
Ian Harrison “Ian Harrison” (Indie)
Mattel “Polly” Jingle
Disney—Assorted Jingles
FILM CREDITS:  (partial list)

Frostbite—20th Century Fox (Composer on 70%, all guitars, bass, some keys, etc.)
The Horrible Dr. Bones (ghost writer, sound designer)
A Shaded Place (all guitars)
The Thin Pink Line (all guitars on source cues and closing credit theme)
Whore II (guitar on trailer)
My Own Country (guitar)
West from North goes South (guitar, bass, ghostwriter)
Bat Out of Hell (Sidelining as Meatloaf’s lead guitarist)
The Elizabeth Taylor Story (sidelining musician)


TV CREDITS:   (partial list)
Jules Sylvester’s Wild Adventures—Discovery (ten 1-hour episodes: composer on 70 %; all guitars, some flutes and percussion, keys, etc.)
World’s Most Amazing Animal Rescues II & III—FOX (ghost writer, all guitars, bass, keys)
World-Record Breaking Stunts I & II—FOX (ghost writer, all guitars, bass)
The New Newlywed Game—KTLA (Arranger on opening and closing themes and bumpers; all guitars)
The Dark Side of Figure Skating I and II—FOX
(ghost writer, all guitars, some keys)
The Buddy Faro Show—CBS (sidelining musician)
Melrose Place —FOX (sidelining musician)
California Dreams—NBC (guitar and sidelining musician)
Kindred—FOX (sidelining musician)
$25,000 Pyramid—ABC (guitar)
Hang Time—NBC (Guitar)
The Best Things About Christmas—FOX (guitar)
Tazzercise—WARNER (guitar)
Eye on LA


PRODUCTION CREDITS  (partial list)
Michael MacDonald, “You Let Me Go”—Co-Arranger
Billy Davis Jr., “Time for a Change Now”—Co-Producer
Mind Movie, “Happiness and Tears”, “Spaceflight to Pandora” and “Bushman”
Ian Harrison, “Ian Harrison” album—Arranger/Producer
Michael McNight, “Let Freedom Ring”and “Chosen One”–Arranger/Producer
Halfway to Dharma—Co-writer, Arranger/producer
Morgan Yagi—Arranger/Producer
Outdoor Sports Music–Writer/arranger/producer/instrumentalist/vocalist, engineer
Halfway Home—Writer/arranger/producer/instrumentalist/vocalist, engineer
Violeta Martin, “En Busca De Amor” album—Writer/arranger/producer/engineer/instrumentalist
Byron Fry, ”Combustible” album—everything
Michael Bates debut album / rock opera—composer / arranger on roughly 50%
Christina Duane, “Time Standing Still”—arranger/producer/engineer/instrumentalist
Christina Duane, “Lucky Man”—Arranger/producer/engineer/instrumentalist
Jill Tutt, “Lifetime in a Moment” album—Arranger/producer/engineer/instrumentalist
The Blue Delilahs, “The Ooh La Ooh” – Arranger/producer/engineer/instrumentalist
Jeff Hobbs, “I Love Halloween” and “Love Lasts Forever” – co-writer, Arranger/producer/engineer/instrumentalist


LIVE CREDITS (very partial list)
Frank Stallone
Elvis Schoenberg’s Orchestre Surreal (featuring Keith Emerson)
Michael McKnight
Walfredo Reyes’ “Wally World”
Emmanuel (Ese Soy Yo tour)
 Al Ritmo de la Noche,
 studio appearance
Emmanuel on Al Ritmo de la Noche,
 multiple international broadcasts
 of live concerts
“A Naked Girl”
 Musical ‘Rockumentary’
 – Musical Director
John Fogerty
Mike Price / Blue Guitar

“Three of a Kind”, Fry’s First Symphony:
       conductor / M.D. of premier
Dakota (Europe tour)
Barry Coffing
Maureen McCormick
Leon Mudbone
Maxine Nightengale
Mark Craney and the Geniuses
Sonny Turner
Bosnia Relief Concert, Baked Potato (live international broadcast)
Electronic Cafe (live international MTV broadcast)
Byron Fry & Friends @ Baked Potato
Fried Guise @ Baked Potato
Plus Eleven @ Baked Potato


NOTE:  Byron regrets that there is neither room enough on this page nor time enough in the day to list the one million nightclubs played, nor the hundreds of club bands with whom, in the name of diversity, he has bravely explored such a wide spectrum of competence and volume levels. Nor can he summon the patience in his soul to mention every time he has played in a tux, though he has so often found himself in truly proud company during those situations.