Master Classes, Clinics & Workshops

Master Classes, Clinics & Workshops

Byron has given many dozens of these, ranging through universities, conservatories, music trade schools, Guitar Centers and high schools.


Here are a few of the more popular topics:

 – The Arranger’s Toolbox

 – Orchestration for the Realist

 – Remaining Areas of Viable Endeavor in the Post-Digital Apocalypse

 – Speed on Guitar: Universal Litany on Motor Engram Development

…and there are many, many more. They’re always popular and thought-provoking with the students.



“Byron Fry’s presentation to my students was engaging, wide ranging, and thought provoking.  His talent and experience make for a compelling talk, and the students discussed his insights and suggestions for weeks after. ”

-Lanier Sammons – Lecturer, Music and Performing Arts,

California State University Monterey Bay




Byron would be honored to come to your school and hold forth! Here’s his email address.