A.I. vs. Composers – Part II

     In A.I. vs. Composers part one, I outlined the horrible threat that A.I. poses to musical creatives, the differences between humans and software, and how there’s a path to where we can rise above the ones and zeroes.

     The way I see it, this could be an opportunity to show the world why actual composers, arrangers, songwriters, etc are so absolutely indispensible.

     We’d be fools, of course, to think that A.I. software doesn’t have considerable strengths. But by the same token it has its weaknesses, which I outlined in saying that it’ll “never be capable of really ripping the listener’s heart right out of their chest”, or “exploding in ballsy exaltation”.

     And bear in mind: these are things that we humans CAN do to the listener.

     But make no mistake—this is your come-to-Nebuchadnezzar moment, and a vital HEADS UP:

     It just got more imperative than ever for you to become the best writer / arranger you possibly can.

     If your music is going to survive what’s coming, you need to understand—in no uncertain terms—that technological chops and gear won’t save you.

     And you may think that writing at the level of The Gods of our craft is only possible for other gods, but DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT.

     I won’t pretend to have all the answers, or to be able to give you some kind of magic Great Idea Gene.

     But I CAN point you to an incredibly powerful skill set, one that enables you to realize the full potential of your music, to the best of your ability, using whatever means you currently use in your natural creative workflow.

     And it’s hard to fathom, but the vast majority of musical creatives do not have this skill set.

     As I said, there’s a path to where we can rise above the ones and zeroes, and this skill set is a big part of that path.

     So believe it: A.I. will never be able to write something as powerful as Copland’s Billy The Kid, Lennon’s Imagine, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Mozart’s Requiem, Tower’s Squib Cakes, Coltrane’s Naima or Zeppelin’s Kashmir. But WE can…IF we learn all the skills we need in order to unlock the potential of our musical voices.

     You can learn more about that skill set, and how to get it into your life, here.

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